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Enceladus Theatre Company is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations to Enceladus Theatre Company are tax-deductable. Tax identification number: 46-0805980.


Corporate sponsorships and private donations help to offset production costs that occur in order to produce the play (costumes, props, lighting, scenery, publicity, and more) and are offered at the following suggested rates:  


Corporate Sponsorships:  $500.00  (includes name of business recognized in the program and posters for the production season).*


Private donations are also accepted. These are named after the moons of Saturn:


Mimas Donor:  $250.00-$499.00: 

Fritz and Ann Smith

Katie Liddicoat & Gil Gonzalez


Titan Donor:  $100.00-$249.00: 

Coming soon


Rhea Donor:  $50.00-$99.00:

Coming soon


Additionally, your names will appear in our program acknowledging your generous donation in correspondence with your donation level.  Checks can  be made payable to:  Enceladus Theatre Company, Incorporated.  If you have any questions, contact us at   


We hope that you will consider making a charitable donation to the Enceladus Theatre Company.  These contributions help our company produce vivid, imaginative, and creative works of live theatre.


The Enceladus Theatre Company, Incorporated, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Whittier, California.  If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation, volunteering time, or would simply like further information, call (562) 907-4833.



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